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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On March 31st FBC New London took a mission trip to Heritage Baptist Church in Columbia Missouri. Heritage is a new church plant in Columbia (which if you do not know is a very "closed" community to the gospel). I appreciate all that Pastor John Martin is doing to spread the gospel of Christ in Columbia. Might he continue to remain faithful to preaching the biblical gospel and the whole counsel of God!
Our mission on Saturday consisted of passing out around 1,000 fliers with flower seeds. On the flier was a gospel message and at each house we were instructed to give them the flier, inform them of the church, and communicate to them God's love. Altogether we had 18 people help in spreading the glory of God to the nations. Those who who attended where: Jill, Sierra, Rhea, Jessie, Shelby, Cassandra, Kelsey, Ryan, Jacob, Philip, Freddie, Kevin and Mary, John F., Janie C, Dee, and Mike and Nikki. Thanks to everyone who helped out--we had a wonderful time and it is my prayer that we might grow together in the unity of spreading the glory of God and that Heritage Baptist might bear true spiritual fruit!
Pictures from the event will be posted throughout the website

Girl's Lock-In

On March 16th the Girls had a lock-in! No boys were allowed, so needless to say it was probably quite boring. They watched a bunch of chick flicks, painted their toes, did scrapbooking, and even a little Christian karaoke (not to mention eat a bunch of good food). Nikki was overjoyed to get to spend time with the girls and get to know them better. The girls also enjoyed a bible study led by Kelsey Harrison. It was a wonderful time of fun and also getting to know each other and the Lord better. The girls are truly blessed to have my wife Nikki leading them--as Nikki is truly blessed with the great group of girls that she has to lead. Throughout the page are pictures of the event--And below are some of my favorite: